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Here at Plumber Chigwell we have experts who are experienced in Bathroom fitting and installations.  Bathrooms mainly consist of a toilet, wash basin, bath tub and shower. Every house hold and working place require a well functioning bathroom. But in modern bathroom various bathroom equipment’s are used such as hooks, cloth shelves, mirrors etc. Plumber Chigwell are great at Fitting bathrooms so get in touch with us now for yours!

Bathroom Fitting Parts

Plumber Chigwell are aware of the many components that make a good bathroom

Many products are used for bathroom fitting:

  • Mirror
  • Shower
  • basin
  • toilet,
  • toilet paper roller,
  • soup dish
  • towel holder,
  • medicine cabinet,
  • grab rail,
  • toilet cabinet, ,  ,
  • towel shelf, 
  • soap dispenser,
  • faucet

We can install all of these for example.

Many types of fittings are required in different parts of bathroom. It totally depends on you what kind of series you want for fitting. Plumber Chigwell can help you with this choice.


Shower is bathroom equipment that is used for bathing. It sprays water down on the body. It is also called bathroom bath. There are the three kinds of shower 

  1. Over head shower
  2. Hand held shower
  3. Rain shower

The cost of rain shower can be more expensive and often needs more water pressure. So their fitting is more difficult.

Bath spout:

Bath spout is an area where water flows. This used for bucket water in the bath area.

Basin fitting:

Basin is also known as sinks, used for washing hands and face. Fitting of basin requires steel trap that fits in the basin hole, a pipe, and angled cocks which control hot and cold water flow to the main basin tap.

Faucet :

Faucet is cock which allows water to flow in the series you choose. It is also known as health faucet.


Basin tap:

The most important fitting that you get to select is basin tap. The tap is used for single control of hot and cold water or separate control.


Toilet is a pot where human waste disposes by using water to another location through a drain pipe. Many kinds of toilets are used in a bath room  such as sitting type toilet and squatting type toilet called as western and squatting toilet.

Bath tubs:

Bath tubs are used for bathing and can be made from an array of materials. h have installed all types of bathtubs.