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Here at Plumber Chigwell we specialise in Boiler installations. The boiler installation process is key to ensuring your new boiler works properly and heats your home sufficiently. We understand the importance of this whole process and you can rest assured that we’ll complete it properly. The fitting of boiler is the boiler installation.

Boiler Installation Process

Here at Plumber Chigwell we have completed boiler installations for years, here are some of the following steps can be taken during the boiler installation

  • Select the location:

 The selection of a perfect location for the installation of boiler is the most important part of the process. The boiler should be located near water pipes, electrical lines, gas pipes. This is located on the floor or ground.

  • Dressing the boiler:

This is the next step of boiler installation. The word ‘dressing’ means the addition of appropriate piping to the boiler system. The installation is only done by a boiler engineer, he firstly, insert a pump (circular shaped) directly to the boiler section and then add a pipe gasket. The water flows through these pipes throughout your house.

  • Tighten the nuts:

This is another most important step of boiler installation. In this step, you can tighten the nuts of boiler with a wrench and connect the boiler with the drum of hot water.

  • Smoke pipe installation:

  The installation of smoke pipe is very important step in the process of boiler installation. Sometimes, the boiler can be ventilated so the fixing of smoke pipe controls this ventilation. Smoke pipe also known as fluke. This used a sheet of brass pipe to fix the smoke pipe.

  • Gas pipe installation:

 This is the most important step of boiler installation. The boiler doesn’t work without the gas, fuel. If you use a gas boiler than you connect the gas pipes with the boiler through which heat runs throughout the house.

  • Turn on your boiler:

 When all the installation is done, then start your boiler. Turn on the boiler to check.


The first step to making repairs on the boiler should be to call for an expert. They will be able to assess the problem and determine the best course of action. If something does need to be fixed, it’s important that you do it as soon as possible because many problems with boilers can lead to serious safety concerns.

Many compartments are used in boiler installations such as gas, fuels, air ducts, water pipe line, gas pipe line, induced and forced craft equipment etc.  Plumber Chigwell have experience working with all of these compartments.

How much time is required is required for boiler installation?

Normally, a new boiler installation can require 1 to 3 days for installation depending on the quality, model, and brand of a boiler.

What is the average cost of boiler installation?
The average cost of boiler installation is different in different countries. Their cost is depending on their size and quality. Some boiler installation cost about $600 – $900. Some cost about $900 to $13,000.